What Makes Durham So Cool

Durham is the Triangle's coolest city. Sprinkled throughout its bustling downtown are all kinds of ethnic eateries, bars and breweries, and shops and entertainment venues galore. Yet drive just a few minutes away and you'll find a myriad of quiet communities, country clubs, and even historic neighborhoods. You'll also find the Triangle's namesake and massive research campus, Research Triangle Park, nestled off of the interstate. There's no better place to live, work, and play!

downtown durham view from American Tobacco parking deck

Downtown Durham

Endless possibilities are packed into just a few blocks in the heart of Durham. There is always something happening here, whether it's a weekend conference at the Durham Convention Center or a festival within the "Downtown Loop," which encompasses some of trendiest bars, shops, and restaurants in the city. On weekends when there are no major events on the calendar, you'll still be able to find impromptu concerts at a local bar, interesting shows at The Carolina Theatre, and plenty of places to people-watch.

buildings in Brightleaf Square

Brightleaf Square

Durham's history is rooted in the tobacco industry. In the 1900s, giants like the American Tobacco Company constructed dozens warehouses throughout the city for storing the cash crop. Over the years, brick warehouses like those in Brightleaf Square have been converted into trendy residences, restaurants, and shopping districts, giving residents a unique perspective of Durham's heritage while also serving as a hub of 21st-century entertainment.

Duke Chapel in Durham

Duke University

One of the Triangle's anchoring universities, Duke University is one of the top private schools in the United States. It's not hard to see why; its alumni are responsible for establishing top tech companies, leading Fortune 500 companies, and making breakthroughs in healthcare. While its academic and athletic prowess are known far and wide, its dramatic Gothic architecture and secluded campus has only added to its prestigious reputation. Take a tour of campus and you'll find yourself standing on another continent in another time — or so it feels!

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