What's the Best Way to Stage My Home to Sell?

One of the best ways to get your home sold fast is by staging it to perfection! Staging your home means presenting it as a blank canvas to potential buyers. Your home should be thoroughly cleaned and bright, but lacking any personal effects. Potential buyers should be able to walk through it and easily picture themselves living there.

Staging your home successfully is an art form, which is why we want to share these tips with you! Use this page as your guide to staging your Triangle area home. Have more specific questions about staging or selling your home? Please don't hesitate to give us a call.

The Exterior

Create Curb Appeal

Although we've always been taught to "never judge a book by its cover", potential buyers ceetainly will judge your home on its first impression. So be prepared to WOW buyers from the minute they set eyes on your front door! Curb appeal will make or break their first impression, so your home's exterior has to be in tip top shape.

Some easy ways to make your home look great include power washing, painting, mowing and pruning, planting flowers, washing windows, and replacing your mailbox.

Make the Front Porch Welcoming

Tidy up the furniture, buy a new welcome mat, put out some potted flowers, replace your doorknob, and paint your front door a fresh new color to welcome potential buyers home!

Spruce Up Outdoor Areas

Here in the Triangle, we get plenty of nice weather, which means buyers will be looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors right at home. So help your buyers envision a laid-back outdoor lifestyle by sprucing up your yard, deck, or porch with outdoor furniture, a hammock, or even a fire pit.

Don't forget to mow your lawn, trim any shrubs, and maybe take a little time to make your garden look nice.

Cleaning & Repairs

Clear Out the Clutter

When it comes to staging your home, decluttering it should be your biggest priority! Go through each room in your home and aim to reduce its contents by at least a quarter. Come up with a system to "rate" your items based on their monetary value, how much they mean to you emotionally, and how useful they are. Then sort them three ways: keep, sell, or donate.

Finish Maintenance Projects

You know what will scare potential buyers off faster than a funny smell? An unfinished project. Before you set up any tours, make sure all of your home maintenance projects are taken care of. This includes repainting dingy walls, switching out any rusty water fixtures for new ones, and replacing burnt out light bulbs.

Clean, Clean & CLEAN!

Seriously, this is the most important part of staging your home. Your home needs to shine! If you have the means, you may even want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service. That way, you'll just have to tidy it up week to week and before a new tour.

Interior Decor

Depersonalize Your Decor

Your home should be a beautiful blank canvas. That means decorating it with simple and neutral colors, leaving buyers plenty of room to envision their own decor or furniture in your home.

Create Balance with Furniture

You want to have the right balance of furniture. It should complement that natural space in your home and highlight its possibilities, but it should never feel crowded. For example, couches arranged to face each other can seem cozy and conversational, but too many bulky chairs in one room may seem overcrowded.

The Final Details

Increase Your Lighting

Let in as much natural light as possible by opening up all the windows in your home (weather permitting). If it still feels a little dark, don't be afraid to turn on some ambient lighting for atmosphere.

Bring the Outdoors In

Be careful to keep the decor neutral, but don't be afraid to bring some outdoor beauty inside with fresh potted plants, bright clipped flowers, or even some fall branches.

Coming up on a special holiday or time of year? Take advantage of seasonal decor, like warm fall scents, wintery pine branches, or springtime pastels.

Your Triangle Home Selling Resources

If you're ready to sell your Triangle home, then it's time to contact us at Real Estate By Design. These handy home-staging tips are just the beginning of what we have to offer our home sellers. Give us a call today and let's sell your Triangle home.